Why to switch over from hand embroidery to machine embroidery

Embroidery is the creativity that makes any fabric more attractive and beautiful through needle and thread. Embroidery adds the eye catching effect to any garment or outfit.
In the past, women loved to spend hours in manual embroidery. But with the passage of time, machine embroidery became more favourable as compared to hand embroidery.

The primary drawback associated with hand embroidery is wastage of time. On the other hand, machine embroidery has a speed factor that completes the tasks in hours instead of several days. Hand embroidery is also not preferable for commercial productions where company demands same design and embroidery. The output for hand embroidery mainly depends on human skills. But in case of machine embroidery, the employee just needs to know how to operate the machine for creating a beautiful and attractive pattern.

There is no doubt that in the modern world machine embroidery is more desirable as compared to hand embroidery. Machine embroidery is basically divided into two categories. First is free-motion sewing machine embroidery and the second is computerized machine embroidery.  Free motion machine embroidery is mainly used for creating a zigzag pattern. In this technical world, nothing can be untouched by computer. Computer machine embroidery is growing very fast and becoming very famous in the modern array. It also has improved the designs and pattern to a large extent. The main advantage of using computer machine embroidery is that you can make any changes in design according to your requirement prior to any final implementation. In the hand embroidery, you are restricted to a single design only. In case of hand embroidery, it is almost impossible to go for some interesting changes in the final design.

There is no doubt that machine embroidery is also cost effective as time equals money. It also saves you from sore fingers and a long tiring experience. There is also one more advantage of using machine embroidery is that you can create the same pattern again and again without wasting your time within minutes. Hand embroidery can take several days for the same task. Hand embroidery also creates a boredom factor that reduces the final output of any organization. Machine embroidery makes any task more interesting and more productive for organization. High production is directly related to high profit that is the biggest reason why most of the organizations ate switching over machine embroidery instead of hand embroidery.

When you compare stitches of hand embroidery and machine embroidery you will notice a difference between two. In case of hand embroidery, even two designs are not 100 percent same. But in case of machine embroidery, same designs follow a regular pattern that makes the output more profitable. These all advantages sum up that machine embroidery is not only time effective but also cost effective. The next most important factor that you should keep in your mind while considering machine embroidery is choice of thread. It largely affects the final performance and look of the fabric.

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