Care for Pregnant women and infants at Diwali

Everyone is aware about bad impact of crackers over environment and human health. Here it is required to have a close look at the bad impact of crackers and how pregnant women and infants can be protected from crackers hazards.
Noise pollution is also a disturbing factor that scare the small babies and even dangerous for their health. The smoke of the crackers adds with the air and affects the overall health of a person. Crackers may also cause long term effects for pregnant women and infants. It can cause respiratory problems for small babies and also causes other health issues.

One day with crackers can spoil your complete year or even your complete life. There are various health hazards that can be threatening for human health. You can also consult with your doctor about bad impact of crackers and how it can be dangerous for pregnant women and infants. You should also consult with your health experts about the necessary precautions that should be followed by pregnant lady and small babies. The most common health problem caused by crackers includes lung diseases and asthma.

Crackers increase the pollution load and reduce the amount of necessary gases in the air. Plants are also less capable in consuming harmful gases that affects the health of a human being. Pregnant women should be extra careful because small babies are not enough capable in tolerating toxic materials that can create various health problems for infants.

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