Holi is a joyful Indian festival that is full of colors, excitement and fun. This is the day of making great fun when everyone enjoys music and dance. Holi is usually celebrated for welcoming spring season and it comes in the month of March or April. Holi is celebrated in the honor of spiritual love of Radha and Krishna.
This is the second greatest festival in the Indian culture after Diwali. It is a festival of social gathering and romance where people come together and share sweets and colors with each other. Everyone in India curiously waits for this excellent festival.

Holi Colors

In the past years, Holi colors were prepared through plants and flowers but modern trend has changed the complete scenario. Now Holi colors are prepared through harmful chemicals which are extremely bad for your skin and health. Holi colors are available in various stunning shades like red, purple, green yellow and pink. Everyone enjoys playing Holi with these stunning colors and water.

Why Holi is celebrated?

Holi is a festival of colors celebrated with no difference of caste and status. There are several stories associated with this great festival.

Holika and Prahlad Story

Holika was the sister of demon king Hiranyakashipu who was not in favor of worshipping God. He forced everyone for worshipping him and he was extremely powerful. His younger son Prahlad was a devotee of God Vishnu but Hiranyakashipu was not able to tolerate this. He ordered her sister for killing Prahlad.

Holika was blessed with a great power that fire could not harm her and she walked inside fire with Prahlad for killing him. Holika was not aware about the fact that this power will work only when she would be alone in the fire. Prahlad was saved by God Vishnu and Holika was perished in the fire. This story has a great association with Holi festival and people take it as a symbol of victory of good over evil.

Immortal Love of Radha and Krishna

Holi is also celebrated for giving honor to the immoral love of Radha and Krishna. Krishna was black in color and Radha has fair complexion. Krishna was not satisfied with this color difference and usually asks his mother Yashoda why he is so black and Radha is fair.

His mother suggests him to apply different colors on the face of Radha and change her complexion according to his wish. Krishna loved this concept very much and he colored the face of Radha with different colors. This is the day when Holi was started in Mathura and it is still celebrated with great pump and show in all around India.

The Kamadeva Story

Some people believe that Holi is celebrated in the honor of Kamadeva also. At this day, Lord Shiva opened his third eye and incinerated God of love Kamadeva. People offer sandal paste to Lord Kamadeva at Holi for making him relaxed.

Phagwah Story

Phagwah is a word derived from Hindu month Phalgun and it is a symbol of full moon in the Phalgun month. Holi is celebrated at the same day for welcoming spring season and wishing good bye to the winters.

Care for Pregnant women and infants at Holi festivals

Instructions for the Babies

  • Ask your babies for playing a safe Holi and do not ingest the colors into eyes or mouth.
  • Make sure that your babies are using eco friendly and natural colors that are not harmful for your skin as well as for the environment.
  • If your baby is very small less than one year then keep him away from water and Holi colors. Baby skin is very soft and sensitive and Holi colors can be dangerous for his soft skin.
  • In case of wet floor, you should be extra careful and ask your babies for walking slowly at the wet floor. This precaution can save you and your baby from serious injury.
  • If you are noticing any allergy or red mark then you should clean the face of your child with clean water and consult with your doctor immediately. It would be better to apply a thick layer of oil on skin and hairs that avoids further damage to the skin.
  • Ask your babies for behaving properly with neighbors and relatives. Babies should not follow unclean style for celebrating Holi.

Instructions for the Pregnant Women

Pregnant women should avoid playing Holi as it is a festival of water and colors. This festival also demands running and sometimes it becomes offensive also. This environment is not good for the pregnant ladies and slippery floor is just like a threatening for them.

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