Rakshabandhan is the biggest festival of Indian culture that is usually celebrated in the month of August. This festival is a symbol of love among a brother and sister that is celebrated with great peace and harmony. This festival also signifies a strong bond of protection between sister and brother. Brother makes promise that he will protect his sister from every possible evil and sister also prays for the long life of her brother.
Rakshabandhan is celebrated with a thread of love usually named Rakhi made up of precious stones and beautiful thread. Rakhi is available in various colors and designs in the market. Price of Rakhi varies according to their design and material used for preparing Rakhi. This is a social festival that teaches us family values and makes the emotional bond stronger. Every brother and sister curiously waits for the festival as it is very important for their personal life. In different parts of the world, this festival is celebrated with different names but basic concept is same.

Friendly Knot

When a girl feels friendly with opposite sex she can tie a holy thread on the wrist of boy so that they can stay comfortable with each other. This is an excellent style of enjoying sisterly relationship with your friend without hurting soft feelings of other friend. It also makes the relationship stronger among two friends of opposite sex.

History behind Rakhi

Our history proves that Rakhi is a historical festival that is celebrated from ancient times. Rajput and Maratha queens sent Rakhi to Mughal kings for making a strong political relationship with them. This Rakhi promise help and support for the queens in the critical time. With increasing time period, the festival became more common in the Indian culture.

According to an Indian myth, Rakhi is also celebrated in the honor of God Varuna. Coconut is offered in the honor of God Varuna and people also worship him. There is also a different story associated with Lord Indra. These all stories signify the importance of festival and also explain why this festival is celebrated in the Indian culture.

There is no doubt that all stories have a single concept of protection behind them. It is not necessary that festival should be celebrated among a brother sister only. This festival can be celebrated between opposite sex who respects each other and wants to protect each other from every bad circumstance. This is a festival that gives us a chance for showing love and care for the family. Rakhi also brings a lot of peace and joy in the life of people.

How Rakhi is celebrated?

There is no doubt that Rakhi has become an integral part of Indian culture. Sister prepares a pooja thali for her bother that includes chawal, roli, diya, sweets and Rakhi. Initially sister prays in front of the God for the happiness of her brother. After that she ties a Rakhi on the wrist of her brother also places roli and chawal on his forehead. Brother also gives gift and promise to support her in critical conditions. This festival establishes a strong emotional bonding among brother and sister. Brother also gets an opportunity for doing rework on the responsibilities and their relationship.

Rakhi is celebrated with the same style and tradition every year. There is no doubt that we have noticed a great change in Rakhi designs and modern gifts but feelings are same behind Rakhi and gift. This is a great festival that brings siblings and cousins together. In the busy schedule, it becomes very difficult to get time for family and siblings. But Rakhi gives us a chance of massive celebration that brings complete family together. This festival is celebrated in India only with great excitement and joy.

People prepare different dishes during this festival that makes the occasion more interesting. According to Indian culture, it is necessary to prepare some sweet dish along with tasty food. You can make this occasion more happening through beautiful Rakhi cards. You can also send online Rakhi gifts if you are not able to reach your home. There is no doubt that technology has made the world compact and we can easily interact with our dear ones through Internet and mobile phones.

Some people believe in presenting handmade Rakhi and greeting cards. This is a very emotional moment that makes your relationship deep and understanding. You can also share your experience with your siblings during Rakhi festival. You can also go for a family dinner for spending some healthy time together.

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