Traditions and Festivals in India

Indian festivals are excellent style for analyzing Indian culture and traditions that are integral part of Indian history. Everyone loves to celebrate Indian festivals by following all traditions and customs.


Rakshabandhan is the biggest festival of Indian culture that is usually celebrated in the month of August. This festival is a symbol of love among a brother and sister that is celebrated with great peace and harmony.


Holi is a joyful Indian festival that is full of colors, excitement and fun. This is the day of making great fun when everyone enjoys music and dance.

Care for Pregnant women and infants at Diwali

Everyone is aware about bad impact of crackers over environment and human health. Here it is required to have a close look at the bad impact of crackers and how pregnant women and infants can be protected from crackers hazards.

Why to switch over from hand embroidery to machine embroidery

Embroidery is the creativity that makes any fabric more attractive and beautiful through needle and thread. Embroidery adds the eye catching effect to any garment or outfit.