Difference Between C and C#

C and C# are the popular programming languages that are used to design various multimedia applications and system softwares.
A number of system softwares are written in C language. C# is a popular object oriented language that works on dot net framework. This is quite simple and user friendly language. The language provides an interactive user interface. You just have to know how to use interface in order to design powerful multimedia application. This article focuses on benefits of C# language and how C and C# language is different from each other.

Introduction to C Language

C is a structure oriented language that was developed in 1972. The language was developed by Dennis Ritchie in AT & T’s Bell laboratory. C is middle level language that ensures good programming efficiency and good machine efficiency. C was originated from old PASCAL language. C is more powerful and reliable language as compared to past programming languages.

Introduction to C# Language

C# is an Object Oriented Language that was developed by Microsoft Company. C# combines powerful features of C, C++ and Visual Basic language. If you are familiar with basic concepts of C++ and Visual Basic, then it would be very easy for you to upgrade in C# language. This language is very easy to use.
If you are familiar with basic concepts of programming then you can learn this language very quickly.

• C uses unmanaged data format. On the other hand, C# uses managed code format. Manage code reduces the headache of memory allocation, garbage collection and pointers.
• C is a structure oriented language in which large programs are divided into small structures. C# is a object oriented language in which large programs are broken down into smaller objects.
• C language is compatible with all operating systems. But C# works only with Microsoft operating system. This is the major drawback of C# language. You cannot shift C# programs to other operating systems.
• C program code is converted to machine language that can be directly executed on the machine. In case of C# language, the program first gets converted to intermediate language (IL), then it get executed by Common Language Runtime (CLR). This is the unique feature between two languages.
• In case of C language, memory management is manual. This is quite complicated to manage the memory manually. In case of C# language, there is automatic memory management process. This is the best feature about C# language.
• C# provides metadata support. This feature is not available in C language.
• C# uses single heritance concept. This concept is not applicable in case of C language. Now you can easily analyze the main difference between these two popular languages.

 The above discussion concludes that C and C# are popular and reliable programming languages. The best thing about C# language is graphical interface. In the modern array, C# is more demanding for designing various application softwares. This language does not demand for high technical skills. You can design powerful applications even with the basic knowledge of C# language.






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